December Birchboxes are on their way

WARNING: This post lists spoilers of December's shipment. Do not read on if you want to keep your box a surprise.
Birchbox announced today that December boxes have now shipped. I read on their website some of the contents for this shipment. Members will receive a dry shampoo from Oscar Blandi, a sample of Atelier cologne, EBoost Natural Energy drink mix, Jouer Moisturizing lip gloss in fuchsia (to match Birchboxes), Showstoppers fashion designer tape and some multi usage luxe oil from Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® OR.

In my opinion, the only thing that sounds exciting to me is the dry shampoo sample. Since I was my hair every other day, this will help on those days I get the greasies before my next wash. This will be my first Birchbox and so far, it doesn’t sound worth $10. But I am always open minded until proven otherwise. Once my box arrives I will update with pictures and reviews.

Here’s a picture of what December’s Birchbox MAY look like, along with Birchboxes product spoilers.

December Birchbox


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