Take a stand against Cyber Bullying!

In light of the recent incidents concerning cyber bullying on YouTube( re: Sam and Jay Schuerman) it’s really made me think about blogging. As you all know I am fresh at blogging and worry if I will become a victim at some point. I think all I can really do is stop thinking about that and just concentrate on spreading the word about cyber bullying.

Wikipedia describes cyber bullying “as the use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people, in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner”. This includes name calling, stalking, defamation of character, making threats, creating groups to mock/humiliate and individual and the list goes on.

I decided to join Girls Against Guru Gossip (G.A.G.G). This is a Facebook community page devoted to spreading the word, educating and stopping cyber bullying. I have witnessed plenty of cyber bullying and wanted to do my part to make sure the internet is a safe place for everyone. By clicking on the banner below, you will be brought to the groups Facebook page where you can read other thoughts, comments, suggestions and stories.

As of now the Schuerman’s have posted a new YouTube video and have stated that they will be back on YouTube, and thanked viewers for all of their support. Good for them for standing up to their bullies and returning to the YT community. By doing this, they are showing bullies that they will not tolerate this behavior and will not run and hide.


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