January MyGlam Bag

Today I received my MyGlam bag in the mail. This is my first month to get it. I signed up in the middle of December after reading a Facebook post from a favorite beauty guru saying how much she really liked the company.

MyGlam is a monthly subscription service where you are sent a glam bag with samples every month for $10. Each month is a different bag, and different samples from beauty companies. You can get makeup, nail polish, hair care products, skincare products. Some of the brands who have offered samples for the bags have been Wen, Mai Couture, NYX, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, Tarte and many more.

<font color="black" size="4" January's Glam bag theme is "back to nature". The bag is eco friendly and the products inside are supposed to be natural products for your skin and hair. This shipment included: one sample of Wen haircare product, one FULL size skincare product from Freeman, a duo concealer sample from SheerCover and a Shady Lady eyeshadow from theBalm in Shameless Shana. We were told that you would either receive a nail polish or eye shadow from theBalm.

I’m happy with my first Glam bag. I will use these products for a week or so and write a review on each in the weeks ahead. I wonder what other samples others recieved from theBalm. If you have gotten a Glam Bag this month, leave me a comment with what you got in your bag.


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