Quick Niners look for Sunday

Today I did a quick look using Beauty from the Earth eyeshadows. I’m loving the look and know the pictures just won’t do these colors justice.

Lash line to crease: BFTE Red River (a matte red)
Crease and outter v area: Black Cherry (a deep, dark reddish/black matte)
I applied Black Diamond eye liner from Bare Escentuals to my upper lash line and lower lash/water line.
I patted BFTE Autumn over black Diamond and also in my inner corners.


January MyGlam Bag

Today I received my MyGlam bag in the mail. This is my first month to get it. I signed up in the middle of December after reading a Facebook post from a favorite beauty guru saying how much she really liked the company.

MyGlam is a monthly subscription service where you are sent a glam bag with samples every month for $10. Each month is a different bag, and different samples from beauty companies. You can get makeup, nail polish, hair care products, skincare products. Some of the brands who have offered samples for the bags have been Wen, Mai Couture, NYX, Urban Decay, Hard Candy, Tarte and many more.

<font color="black" size="4" January's Glam bag theme is "back to nature". The bag is eco friendly and the products inside are supposed to be natural products for your skin and hair. This shipment included: one sample of Wen haircare product, one FULL size skincare product from Freeman, a duo concealer sample from SheerCover and a Shady Lady eyeshadow from theBalm in Shameless Shana. We were told that you would either receive a nail polish or eye shadow from theBalm.

I’m happy with my first Glam bag. I will use these products for a week or so and write a review on each in the weeks ahead. I wonder what other samples others recieved from theBalm. If you have gotten a Glam Bag this month, leave me a comment with what you got in your bag.

Makeup Wishlist 2012

I decided to put together a wish list of makeup I would like to get this year. There are some new goodies and some old. I plan on updating this page as my wishes change, once I have purchased/received the wish, and as new wishes come up. Let’s begin! WARNING: This is a VERY picture HEAVY post. Please let it load all the way, and thank you for your patience. Enjoy!

1)Anastasia Wish You Were Here Set

2) Bare Escentuals Putting on the Glitz

3)Nails Inc Magnetic Polish. In both black and purple polishes

4) Benefit, I’m Glam….Therefore I Am

5) Benefit, Crescent Row fragrance set

6) Escada, Taj Sunset rollerball

7) Kat Von D, True Romance Eye Shadow Palette- Mi Vida Loca

8) Kat Von D, True Romance Eyeshadow Palette- Poetica

9) Kat Von D, True Romance Eyeshadow Palette- Metal Orchestra

10) Makeup Forever, Wild & Chic

11) Makeup Forever, Wild & Chic Aqua Eyes Collection

12) NARS, Yorokobi Super Orgasm Set

13) Smashbox, Click You’re It Eye Palette

14)Smashbox, O-Glow Cheek Color

15)Stila, In the Garden Eye Shadow Palette

16)Stila, Dream in Full Color Palette

17)TheBalm, Shady Lady Vol. 3

18)Tarte, SmolderEyes Waterproof Liner Collection

19)Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition Palette

20)Tarte, Lights Camera Lashes

21)Too Faced, In Your Dreams Collection

22)Too Faced, Shadow Insurance in CandleLight

23)Urban Decay Naked Palette 1

24) Urban Decay Naked 2

25)Urban decay Book of Shadows IV

26)Urban Decay The Feminine Palette

27) NYX, Winter in Moscow

Coastal Scents Palette 88- Metal Mania, First Impression

During the holidays Coastal Scents was having a sale on their makeup palettes. Since I have never tried this brand before, but have read and watched great YouTube reviews on these palettes, I decided to buy the 88 palette called Metal Mania. This seemed to be one I would use most often. I only paid $10 plus shipping, so even if I didn’t like the colors, I wouldn’t be out that much money.

Shipping took less then a week, which isn’t too bad. I was actually impressed with how fast my order shipped out and how quick I received my product after it had left the companies hands. I assumed it would take at least 2 weeks, because of high traffic from holiday orders. For shipping they get a 5 out of 5 stars.

The package arrived and I couldn’t wait to dig in and see what I got. The palette was nicely packaged in a card board case protector. Upon first glance at the actual palette itself, I was not impressed with the black plastic case, as it was boring. But I’m not one to really care what the casing looks like. When I opened the case I was surprised at the vibrant, beautiful colors that laid in front of me!

The colors in the metal mania palette are amazing!! All of them are shiny, bright, bold colors. I fell in love with all of them. I can’t pick just one favorite. I ran my finger across a few to check the pigment. With just a soft swipe my finger was fully covered. The shadows are velvety soft and the color payout is rich. I haven’t used the palette yet but can’t wait to give it a try. I’ve been on vacation and haven’t worn makeup since I haven’t had to go anywhere. But it’s back to work/school Monday, and that’s when I plan to use this palette and give a full review. If there is any particular colors or looks you would like to see, let me know and I will give it a shot. Look for a review next week.

Not impressed with imPress nails

In my December VoxBox from Influenster, I received imPress press on nails in the shade Ecstatic Cling. This color is like a hot neon pink. I’m not fond of the color, but decided I had to try them anyhow to write my review.

The fully manicured nails come in this adorable plastic bottle shaped like a nail polish bottle. You’re supposed to twist off the cap and open the bottle up.It wasn’t as easy as it looked,but after a few seconds of fumbling with the package, I got it open. Now to find the right size for each of my nails. For the most part, I was able to find perfect match for each of my nails. My thumbs are wide, so it was a bit of a challenge to find a size that completely fit my entire nail bed but I got close.

To apply the nail you carefully peal the backing of the sticker off the nail. The nails come pre-glued with a sticky like glue. Stick the nail to your real nail, lining the bottom of the fake nail up with your nail bed. Press firmly and release. Voila! You now have a fully manicured nail.

According to imPress, the nails are supposed to stay on up to 7 days. Unfortunately for me, about 3 hours after applying the nails, one of them popped off. So I just pressed it back onto my natural nail and went about my day. At 5 hours after applying, I was sitting on the couch watching tv, and went to scratch my nose, again the nail popped off in mid air and flung across the room hitting my son in the head. We had a good laugh, as he wasn’t hurt. We imagined how that would have looked if we were at a fancy restaurant and it had popped off and flew into someones food.

Here’s how I rate these imPress press on nails. Overall appearance of the packaging: 4 out of 5 stars. For press on nails I give them a 3 out of 5 for their ease of application and their functionality. Amount of time they last 1 out of 5 stars. I’m not sure that I would buy these with my own money. If I do recommend these to a friend, I will stress highly that these may only last a few hours and that she shouldn’t wear them to an important function because it would be embarrassing if they popped off in front of everyone.

Zoya 2 free polishes promotion

Leave it to Zoya to come out with another AWESOME promo! It seems like every month they have a great promotion to get free polishes. Zoya’s newest promotion is get two nail polishes free, all you pay is shipping and handling. How amazing is that?!? Who doesn’t like free?? Offers ends January 9, 2012. Zoya code: ZOYA2012

Happy New Year!!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish all of my followers and fellow bloggers, a very Happy New Year. Be safe and have fun tonight!!